A blog! A blog?!

Papierdoll.net, an online fashion magazine, is the brainchild of people who love all things fashion. I've been part of the Papierdoll team for nine months now and I can tell you, they're a grand group of people to work for. Papierdoll.net launched about a year ago and since then it's become a stellar online source for fashion and beauty ideas. With the recent launch of Look (Papierdoll's eyecandy), the magazine brings you more sources of beautiful things to want. While inspiration for fashion clearly comes from every waking thing, we at Papierdoll sure can help you when you're stuck in a fashion rut. We've all been there.

When senior editor Lisa Radon proposed that Papierdoll writers have their own blogs, I assure you I was excited, but confused. To me, blogs are for celebrity wannabes and the highschool kid griping about how he can't get a girlfriend. Apparently, they aren't, so here I am quenching your thirst for fashion on a TBA basis. I'm the sort of fashion girl who gets addicted to things. If I find a scarf I love, I wear that scarf 30 days in a row. Music is the worst because I play a song 80 zillion times in a row while planning looks that go with the song. It's a sickness, really.

The following are my current 10 obsessions that are telling me it's spring. Careful…you may get obsessed yourself.

1. Peach iced tea- The only thing that screams spring more are those lovely little glistening Proenza Schouler frocks. We clearly know which is more within our budget.

2. Silk shorts- When you've had it with your fill of cropped pants, silk shorts are the way to go. Vintage or high end, you can pair them with a cotton tank and moccassins for day and with a print blouse and pumps for night.

3. Spring jackets- I've done some serious searching for these, but I'm not having much luck. I'm currently thinking about buying a few at a thrift shop and having the sleeves altered to quarter length.

4. Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer- In a word: PERFECTION. I have pretty fair skin and I'm using the Light to Medium formula. It's creating a soft glow that has taken place over the past two days and best of all, IT SMELLS GOOD! No burnt sugar smell and that alone makes it awesome.

5. Anita Pallenberg- If you google old pictures of Anita, you're sure to find her alongside Mick and Keith living it up, and looking gorgeous. With her messy blonde hair and rocker jet-set chic persona, she's my favorite summer girl.

6. Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear (1994-2004)- The minute I hear the opening chords to Santa Monica (Watch the World Die), I'm immediately in a state of nostalgia.

7. Navy mascara- While I simply have had no luck with Benefit's Badgal mascara (can you say OVERRATED?!), I am partial to their regular mascara. My favorite shade is navy because it makes my eyes pop and the formula creates thick, fringey lashes, perfect for those days when that's all you're wearing.

8. Middle parts- I'm not sure if it's the images of Carrie Bradshaw or hippies, but for some reason, hair parted in the center is a sign of hot weather. Try a loose, low ponytail with a middle part and remember this usually looks best with slightly dirty hair. That's why I adore it so!

9. Dark bright orange nail polish- While I'm sticking to buffing for my nails, my toes belong to any dark orange polish. If you're using a dark shade, it doesn't create a Halloween effect when worn with black open toe shoes and as far as other shoes, it's pretty much brilliant with everything. It makes fair skin have a glow and if you've already started your tanning process, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the color.

10. Layers of gold necklaces- with all white or all black, it's a stroke of genius. Very Studio 54, minus the STDs and drugs.

Get ready to crank up the air conditioner. Spring is here and dressing for it has only begun.


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