Zoe: fashion’s foe.

By now, unless you live under a rock, you've heard of Rachel Zoe. Love her or hate her, she's got the fashion world wrapped around her little finger, dictating the trends that keep 14 year old girls dressing like 20-something reality television stars. At first, it was just the handful of starlets and all of middle America that were Zoe followers, but now even our (somewhat) beloved Vogue has converted. The April issue features an article with Vogue contributing editor, Marina Rust, whose assignment is to hire and use a stylist. Don't we all wish we had jobs so fun?! Rust, an already very stylish woman requests "whoever styles Nicole Richie" and ends up learning the ins and outs of dressing well. Or does she? Poor Rust must be remarkably behind on her fashion for such a stylish gal. When Zoe suggest she tuck her jeans into her boots, Rust is at first weary and then becomes somehow convinced that this is a stroke of genius. My question is: where has Rust been for the past year and a half? Did she not at least skim a single issue of Us Weekly all winter? Surely she knows tucked jeans are extremely fashionable and more importantly, surely she realizes Zoe isn't the only one who does this. While we're all plenty capable of making a fashion mistake here or there, if you're at all in-the-know, you were tucking your jeans this past winter and for those of us who are truly fashion obsessed, you were doing it the winter before that as well. If we didn't need Zoe in our bedrooms telling us how to fold-and-tuck our jeans, why does a writer at Vogue? It's completely depressing to think that the once called "fashion bible" will publish a piece in which the author thinks tucking jeans is a style revelation. When Rust and Zoe are complimented by a salesmen, Rust is convinced that "it's the tucked jeans." Rust comes off as a sappy suburban mom who is wowed with a compliment, rather than the fashionable, smart city girl she actually is. In the small montage of pictures featuring Rust at several events, the caption boasts that she dressed herself. Looking wonderful and different in each picture, it's sad that she would ask to be styled by the leader of the clones.

Sadder is that as Zoe, fashion's foe, continues her crusade, we must watch naturally stylish women like Rust fall into her trap of dressing like a tabloid staple.


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