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Here's something you should know about fashion: it moves so damn fast that often by the times you get your hands on something, you're over it. Or maybe that's just me. This spring it looks like everyone is swooning over skinny jeans, filmy, white v-neck t-shirts and massive bags. While I'll always be a massive-bag-girl, I must admit to being over skinny jeans for the time being. You'll have to excuse me for the time being for not wanting to look as though you've hosed me with an inky shade of spray paint. Luckily, there's a solution for not looking outdated, but not looking like everyone else. I've got my picks for straight jeans this entry as well as the rest of my latest and greatest current obsessions:

1. Straight leg jeans- Because let's be real here: skinny jeans are brilliant on SKINNY GIRLS. The rest of us can pull off a pair on a good day, but they might not be a staple for us. Straight leg jeans achieve the same streamlined look, but are worlds more flattering for the majority of women. For the warm weather, I'm growing partial to cropped versions in everything from snow white to cloudy navy. Gap has two brilliant pairs that are incredibly flattering in the back pockets, and come in white and a sandblasted wash ($49.50, Goldsign's Envy Straight Leg Stretch jean (on sale for $149.10 right now at comes in a neutral wash that can carry you through the summer. If you're looking for a wash that can easily be dressed up, check out Taverniti So Jeans Sheryl Skinny Stretch jean ($231.00, While it's wash is a jet black, the cigarette leg gives you the option of rolling the legs up in the day with a pair of flats, or keep them down at night with a vampy pair of patent pumps (yes, I'm still living in the Amy pumps!).

2. Off-center chignons- They're perfect for when your hair is wet and you're on your way out the door. While I'm not big on earrings, I do love this look accompanied by a substantial pair of the dangly type.

3. Gold bangles- Always a staple, but these days I'm wearing one on each wrist and only that. I have a terrible habit of the all black uniform, so for me, gold jewelry is a color.

4. Strawberry Banana Starbursts- Is it wrong I just about ate all of the ones at work? They're terribly addicting.

5. Tara Jarmon for Target- I don't think I was the only one less than impressed by the Luella Bartley for Target line, but Tara Jarmon's has me panting for the next round. Adorable ruffled swimsuits, darling printed silk wrapped necklaces and matching headbands that make a boring look pop, but not in an obnoxious way. The quality of Jarmon's line is definitely a step up from the Luella line, which is why I can't wait for the color block sundresses to drop in stores. I might just have to wear color!

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