Paging Rivers Cuomo…

It started with a pair of Miu Miu platform wedges. Camel leather straps and dusty blue suede covered wedges. I wasn't sure what I'd wear them with, but they looked brilliant on my feet and made me about five solid inches taller. They sat on a shelf while I chose my mindless look of long sleeved jersey tees, slim black slacks and black flats. Then one day I decided it was time to take the Miu Mius out for a spin. I pulled out an old plaid print vintage dress and I was set for the day.

Now if plaid makes me think of one thing, or one person rather, it's Rivers Cuomo. The weary, whiney, brilliant frontman of the geek rock band, Weezer. It was the early '90s when I started to venture into the world of fashion, and The Blue Album was the soundtrack of my life then. I remembered Rivers in his dark rinsed cuffed jeans, his plain, slim fit t-shirts in disgustingly loveable colors, and his plaid button-ups. And of course, who could forget his beloved dark rimmed glasses, which would grace the face of every moping teenage boy after him, and become synonymous with the word emo.

Because geek chic is now about so much more than Lacoste polos and suspenders. Everyone from Luella Bartley to Gucci showed Rivers-worthy pieces in their spring collections. From rugby polos in bold contrasting colors to slouchy v-neck sweaters in candy hues, preppy staples are anything but nerdy this spring. Try seersucker bermuda shorts topped with a lovely cardigan adorned with large buttons, or a prim blouse under a sherbert sweater vest.

As for me, the Miu Mius are now on hiatus since I've recessed into the footwear of my Blue Album phase….Mr. Cuomo's favorite: black Converse sneakers. Sure everyone wears them, but for me, Rivers started it.


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