Current obsessions.

Summer is in full swing here in Texas. The kids are out of school, the humidity level makes your hair uncooperative, and the minute you sit in your car with leather seats, you're in a sticky situation. Have no fear. My current obsessions will keep you looking hot when the weather is even hotter. 

1. Healthy Choice No Sugar Added Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream- Cripes! Try saying that five times fast! Regardless, Healthy Choice has struck gold with their creamy, fudgy, chocolate concoction. Miraculously, it has only 2 grams of fat per serving and doesn't taste like cold mush. Careful though…it's so yummy, chances are you'll want to move beyond the serving size.

2. thin plastic headbands- I went on a rampage looking for these. Sure, I ran across them online, but who wants to pay five bucks to ship something as light as a feather? After searching Target, Walgreens and even the dreaded and evil Wal-mart, I found them at good ol' CVS pharmacy. Mine are Goodie, but ton of people make them. Whether my hair is wavy or straight, I can throw these on and look very together. Love that.

3. Lush Sympathy for the Skin- While I'm a strong advocate of all things Lush, I have to say that Sympathy for the Skin is one of my faves. It's a perfect alternative to Dream Cream (another fave), which can be a bit heavy for the summer months. Sympathy for the Skin has a divine fresh oatmeal scent and never stings your legs, even if you're just done shaving. The jar is adorable, and best of all, a little goes a tremendously long way. Actually, best of all, it gives your legs that model glow. The one that the super walnut-tan Versace runway gals seem to have? Yep, that one.

4. Smock tops- Smock tops are perfect for hot weather. Usually made of a very lightweight, breathable cotton, you can find them everywhere from homemade on ebay to in the pricey section of Saks. I love them because they flatter everyone and can be thrown on over a skirt or jeans. Some smock tops come with apron ties, allowing you to adjust them to your body, but some just flow free. Keep in mind if you're doing volume on top, you'll want to stick to a slim skirt or straight leg jeans. None of this billowy blouse with a bubble skirt business.

5. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers in Dr. Pepper- Need I say more? Nostalgia, beauty and convenience all rolled into one. Rub some on your cheeks for a nice dewy glow, and of course, your lips, to look as if you've been relaxing all day with a cherry popsicle.


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