Denim after five…

I'm not sure if it's my age or my culture, but I'm very tolerant of jeans worn for special occassions. While I probaly wouldn't wear them to a wedding (although I might, depending on whose wedding), I definitely think they're appropriate for evening events when worn correctly. Now this usually means springing for a pair of dark rinsed jeans in a tailored cut, but now the awesome Earnest Sewn and the innovative Behnaz Sarafpour have teamed together to bring us the ultimate jeans for cocktail hour. A straight, slim cut helps balance dressier shoes, and the true black wash leaves the pants wearable. Most special is the hand-appliqued black lace detailing that embodies either side of the hips. Earnest Sewn is a favorite of mine due to their streamlined cuts and fabulous washes. I also love how the back pockets are logo-free, creating a very discreet lux look. I don't need logos adding pounds to my ass, as I beg the world to notice I dropped too much money on a pair of jeans. Sarafpour, known for her innovative designs and gorgeous neutral color palettes, has reinvented the evening jean by giving it a sleek, almost goth edge.

And we all know how i feel about that.


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