Back in black.

Pick up any major fashion magazine right now, and at least ONE editor has used the tagline, “back in black.”

 And appropriately so. The fall/winter 2006 runways were paved in darkness in all three major fashion cities. The floaty, lithe conconctions are almost like someone whispering a secret. Always a fan of the darkside, I have found that black is “back” every other fall/winter season, usually becoming more romantic each time. There’s the huge surge of patent leather this season, but come fall, it will be balanced by Jil Sander’s black rayon dress and Lanvin’s puffed coats. Surely, if a silly little girl from Texas can track this trend, the leading fashion editors are able to. So why not brainstorm on new taglines? 

 Maybe, “The Dark Side” or “Blacklisted?” Perhaps, “Darkness Falls” or “Of Gothic Proportions?” Those are just random ones I’m pulling out of nowhere, so who knows the damage I could do coming up with black-themed taglines. 

The point is, there are more interesting things to dub a fashion editorial than the title of an arguably horrible metal song.  


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