Smell this.

I've always preferred a man's natural scent over cologne. While some men can smell completely awful at times, I often prefer this/the idea of this over some terribly fake woodsy scent or worse, the scent of a man attempting to be distiguished. Nothing is more disappointing then meeting a person who smells a certain way, only to get to know them and have that entire persona that the scent projects be destroyed. While it happens most often with women (those who lather themselves in Chanel Chance, only to not know how to properly pronounce the name Chanel), I've seen it happen with men. The most appealing quality a man can have is that he is completely himself, and painting himself with musk is not at all natural. 

 But it looks like I may be changing my tune. Come September, the infamous Viktor & Rolf will debut a men's fragrance called Antidote. With notes like Texas cedar wood, mint leaves, Italian bergamot, and even leather, the scent is sure to evoke scent completely unique and completely masculine, in the best sense of the word. 

 If the scent does for any man what Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb does for myself, I'm sure it will be flying off the shelves in no time. The duo is somehow able to bring the same whimsy and energy captured in their collections and bottle it for the world to wear. And that, my friends, is surely no simple task. 


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